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PacificEdge | April 30, 2017

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Being idle – a book for the free spirited

July 24, 2007 |

Idling for the free spirited… and those who would like to join them.

THIS IS A BOOK for the free of spirit by the man who edits the famous Idler annual. It’s an interesting, easy to real and irreverent book full of unorthodox ideas that are as challenging to conventional lifestyles as they are common sense.

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The end approaches for the 3000 mile ceasar salad

July 13, 2007 |

Written by Russ Grayson. First published in Online Opinion in 2007.

GO LOCAL. That’s the suggestion of NSW North Coast community educator, Tim Winton, for coping with what he sees as the approaching peak oil crisis.

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Drought makes urban food production more than a good idea

July 13, 2007 |

Written by Russ Grayson. First published by Online Opinion in 2007.

FACED WITH DROUGHT and the likelihood of higher food prices, it is time for state and local government to protect the urban fringe farms that supply our cities and towns with fresh produce. It is also time to recognise the value of food production in urban gardens.

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Time for a new localism, says Norberg-Hodge

July 13, 2007 |

First published 2007 by Russ Grayson.

“See education as activism”, she says. “Set up social and learning circles. Have groups of 10 to 15 people who like each other’s company and discuss issues and do things together…

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Profligacy, greed or simply don’t care?

July 13, 2007 |

First published 2007 in Online Opinion, the Australian journal of political and social commentary.

IS IT SIMPLE PROFLIGACY, greed or too much money? That might be the cynic’s question following the revelation that Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs – that long stretch of beaches, sandstone headlands and suburbia – have a higher than average ecological footprint compared to other regions of the country.

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Organic food faces challenges

July 13, 2007 | 1

First published: September 2007.

SPURRED ON by mounting fears about the health implications of conventionally-farmed food and of the unknown effects of genetic engineering, organic food is undergoing a boom in popularity.

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Urban farming may be on way to extinction

July 13, 2003 | 3

First published: September 2003.

IF YOU EAT FRESH FOOD in Sydney, offer your thanks to the 1300 market gardeners who farm the Sydney Basin and supply the city with its fresh produce. And if you live elsewhere in NSW you might thank those farmers as well – a full 90 percent of the state’s perishable produce originates in the agriculturally-favoured Sydney Basin.

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Community supported agriculture has potential study finds

September 1, 2002 | 1

Published by Russ Grayson 2002

A RESEARCH PROJECT has found that community supported agriculture (CSA) could provide a viable market for city fringe farmers.

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