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PacificEdge | May 26, 2017

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Ghost Boat revives past journalism models

June 2, 2016 |

Internet-enabled collaborative journalism and research reveals much about people smuggling into Europe in the search for the Ghost Boat…Read More

The OM1 — a photographic tool for the mountain walker

October 5, 2015 |

Twice now, Olympus has solved the camera weight and bulk issue for bushwalking photographers…Read More

Photo essays on Adobe Slate — 2015

July 25, 2015 |

Check out my latest iPad photo essays on Adobe Slate for 2015…Read More

The citizen photojournalist: here’s the manual

March 22, 2015 | 1

WHO BETTER than a multimedia photojournalist and blogger whose work has also been picked up by old media’s newspapers and TV to write a book on citizen journalism? After all, Carlos Miller has pioneered this new field of independent journalism and popularised it in his blog, Photography Is Not A Crime.Read More

Enforcing accountability with cameras

March 22, 2015 | 1

Paul Kitano explains how to improve civil accountability through cameras and photojournalism…Read More

Photo essays — 2015

January 7, 2015 |

Check out my latest iPad photo essays…Read More

How photography saved the wilderness

September 7, 2014 | 2

The camera and the bush… they have more in common than you think…Read More

Science commentators clash on communication

April 7, 2014 | 1

IF WHAT an article in The Conversation claims is true, then I’m surprised. Surprised that someone of Tim Flannery’s standing appears to know so little about effective advocacy communications.

What’s all the flurry about? It’s an article by Rod Lamberts, … Read More

Launceston’s performance poet cook

February 1, 2014 |

A Tasmanian journey…

HIGH on a ridge above the city, surrounded by fruit trees, self-employed, with the conviviality of people around, performance, writing and food… especially food… that’s the life of Yvonne Gluyas.

So I had to write about it, … Read More