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PacificEdge | November 24, 2017

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Pedapods a new transport mode in Sydney city

Russ Grayson

A NEW TYPE OF TAXI has appeared in Sydney city and it’s just a little different to the other taxi services you find here. Why? Because it’s pedal-powered.

You find Pedipods parked at Circular Quay where they are often hired by tourists. You might think of them as a hybrid between a bicycle and a compact car. In essence, the Pedapod is modeled on the recumbent bicycles with a double rear tandem seat and a light weight pod attached.

Given the snail’s pace of traffic through the city centre, being pedaled through the city streets is not such a slow proposition.

This is human-powerered transportation with a modern touch that meets the needs of short-distance, slow travel in a city of congested streets. Fritz Schumacher, the father of the appropriate technology idea, would have been proud of this innovative addition to the city’s streets.



An innovative solution to traffic congestion and carbon emissions from traffic.


REPLICABILITY: High. Technology exists. Needs entrepreneurial business approach and cooperative government.





  1. Russ Grayson

    The view from 2017…

    For too short a time it was an unusual experiment — round-town transport by human-powered machine.

    But it is 2017 and the Pedepods are long gone. They quietly disappeared some years ago. The Pedapods were one of those initiatives that appear, last awhile then disappear. That seems the nature of the city, itself a technology, a feat of engineering forever being remade.

    I feel a little sad at the passing of the Pedapods. They were a human-scale technology in a city somewhat devoid of things like that.

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