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PacificEdge | November 22, 2017

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Locals take paint to boring community compost bins

Russ Grayson

A colourful community compost bin takes a break against a young citrus tree at the end of Myrtle Street, Chippendale.


COMPOST BIN too dull?  Unexciting? Uninviting to fill with food and garden waste?

Give it a new life with the application of a little imagination and paint. That’s what the people around the Sustainable Streets Demonstration Project in Chippendale have done.


Bored with the dull, plain old green of some of the Aerobins on their streets, they took the DIY approach to redecorating and in doing so brightened up their streets with swashes of vivid colour.

The community composting system has been temporarily taken down to solve a few problems and make a new start, but we are hoping that the rebooted system will include these colourful examples.

A pair of dull, ordinary, plain-coloured compost bins rest beside a side street in the Sustainable Streets Demonstration Project in Chippendale, Sydney.

Microbes and assorted, unidentifiable microfauna envelop a community compost bin in Shepherd Street, Chippendale.

Green tree frogs, a rare species for Chippendale, make their way up the side of a community compost Aerobin in inner urban Chippendale.


More on Sustainable Streets:

Michael Mobbs, Sustainability Coach

Russ Grayson, Community Gardens & Landcare Coordinator, City of Sydney



  1. That is a great Idea, them black compost bins are a little dull to look at.

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