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PacificEdge | January 22, 2019

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Photo essays — 2014

Photo essays — 2014
Russ Grayson

Check out my latest iPad photo essays:

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Plants, people and city (2014)

…a convivial open day in the prolific James Street Reserve Community Garden

The world is watching

…a Hong Kong democracy wall in Sydney

A day in the sun… (2014)

Randwick’s Eco-living Fair — bikes, food, fun

The Makira Banana Fair (2014)

A festival of bananas in the Solomon Islands

Cities feeding themselves — 1 (2014)

Urban agriculture the community garden way

Cities feeding themselves — 2 (2014)

Urban agriculture the community garden way

Growing organically in Randwick’s sandy east (2014)

A council organic gardening course for home & community gardeners

Something special is growing in Marrickville (2014)

A forest garden in the city

Ted Trainer — educator, visionary (2014)

A day with Ted

Nature in the city (2014)

More habitat than swamp

China in Sydney (2014)

Finding China at Sydney’s Darling Harbour

Autumn in the garden (2014)

The coming of autumn brings change to the Permaculture Interpretive Garden

International Permaculture Day 2014

International Permaculture Day in Randwick

Food4Thought 2 (2014)

Good people, great place, much conviviality

Food4Thought 1 (2014)

Community gardeners gather in Hobart

Fish & veges (2014)

Randwick’s aquaponics: A community garden experiment/a>

Storm (2014)

Storm: from the south, a storm darkens the skye

Ooooby (2014)

Ooooby – a new food enterprise for Sydney: Linking farmer and urban eater

Food… and a life convivial (2014)

Food… and a life convivial: Food, friends and fun is Yvonne’s recipe

The Zig Zag — track to the summit (2014)

ZigZag to the summit: Up the ZigZag – a walk on Mt Wellington

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