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PacificEdge | November 24, 2017

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A Weedy walk with Diego

A Weedy walk with Diego

DIEGO BONETTO is a man who knows weeds. He also knows that what some people call weeds others call crops. Or, at least, forage food and wild pharmaceuticals.

I went with Diego this afternoon for a weedy walk through Randwick Community Centre’s Permaculture Interpretive Garden. It was Randwick Council’s annual Ecoliving Fair and I joined nine or ten others for this informative workshop. Plantain, sow thistle, mallow, chickweed, cobblers peg, nasturtium and New Zealand spinach were some of our edible weedy discoveries.

Photo: Diego Bonetto with a handful of cobblers peg and New Zealand spinach.

“I could do an entire workshop just on plantain”, said Diego, not in jest. the plant, Diego explains, followed the settlers both in Australia and in the US.

As for cobblers peg, Diego explained that it uses human as its agents to spread itself across the country, its thin black seeds sticking to trousers legs and socks.

“Look, there under the arrowroot – sow thistle!”, as he walks over to pluck the plant and pass it around for leaf tasting. People liked it.

Diego, who is hired to lead weedy walks in Sydney, has a small book – Wild stories – on some of the common, useful weds available.

More at:

Photo: The weedy walkers in the Permaculture Interpretive Garden learn from Diego that weeds are plants whose benefits are not commonly recognised.

Photo: Diego’s weedy booklet.

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