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PacificEdge | December 13, 2018

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Photo essays on Adobe Spark — 2016

Photo essays on Adobe Spark — 2016
Russ Grayson

Check out my latest iPad photo essays on Adobe Slate for 2016:

A day in a permaculture jungle

IF BUZZ is a word to describe the energy and ambience generated by people at an event, then there was plenty of it at the Permaculture and Development Mini-conference at April Sampson-Kelly’s Silk Farm at Mt Kembla.

A day in a permaculture jungle

What is all this buzz… about native bees?

WHAT’S ALL THIS BUSINESS about bees? Why the interest in these small, buzzing insects?

I’m still not sure I can answer that even after attending the launch of Tim Heard’s new book on Australian native bees and the native bee workshop that came with it at Randwick Sustainability Hub, the name given the commuity education program at the Centre this March.

What's all this buzz…

Clear skies, good music, tasty food…

Randwick’s Earth Hour Picnic and Food Market 2016 was a tasty and musical success

AS THE SUN SET over the long low horizon beyond Randwick the lights came on, the crowd gathered, the food stalls started frying and brewing and the wind turbine and solar panels at the community centre whirled and spun up their electrons to signify that another Earth Hour was here.

It's all about tomatoes…

It’s all about tomatoes…

IT’S ALL ABOUT TOMATOES… the rainy morning had cleared by midday and Sydney people took advantage of what turned out to be a hot, humid and sticky February summer day to make their way to the third annual Tomato Festival Sydney in The Royal Botanic Garden.

There, close to the waters of Sydney Harbour at Farm Cove, they viewed and tasted a huge range of tomatoes and other plants of the Solanaceae family such as potato and chilli. There were demonstrations of preserving, bottling, bushfoods and more, food made with tomato recipes ready to eat and deckchairs and tables in the shade of a big tree where you could escape the day’s sweaty heat and cool down, chilled beer in hand.

It's all about tomatoes…

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