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PacificEdge | November 18, 2017

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Sponsors making Tropical Permaculture Guidebook a reality

Sponsors making Tropical Permaculture Guidebook a reality
Russ Grayson

AMID THE TURMOIL, confusion and uncertainty around Britain’s Brexit vote, one thing is constant. That is Lachlan McKenzie and the team’s work in producing a new, international version of the Tropical Permaculture Guidebook.

Now, to complete production of this free resource, Lachlan, together with Permatil, xpand Foundation and Disruptive Media is offering NGOs, businesses ready to make a difference, permaculture and other associations the opportunity to partner with the book to generate the income needed to complete  it.

This is investment that enacts permaculture’s second and third ethics — helping people achieve their needs through an open source approach that is based on free distribution. It is the freeconomy in action, enabled by thoughtful sponsors.

Sojourn: a Britain in change

“Emily Gray and I are currently in London, in the face of Brexit realities”, writes Lachlan.

“We’re enjoying catch-ups — and London, too — and doing lots of work, with me focusing on the guidebook. And… yes… Brexit was a monumental and future-changing vote. In many ways it certainly won’t be fun, but there will be growth opportunities for positive local resilience movements like permaculture and Transition Towns”.

Rebirth: a coincidence in turmoil

It is something of a curious coincidence that the Tropical Permaculture Guidebook was born in the turmoil of an East Timor finding its direction following its independence from Indonesia, and is now being produced as a new international edition in a Britain seeking a new direction in the turmoil following the Brexit vote.

“It is being developed from the highly successful Permaculture Guidebook from Timor Leste (ed: East Timor is the anglicised name for Timor Leste) published by Timor Leste permaculture development agency, Permatil, in 2008. Chapters from that original guidebook have been downloaded over 200,000 times. It has been used by farmers, families, community groups, trainers, demonstrators, government departments and staff, schools, universities, agricultural colleges and NGOs in Timor Leste.

“It is focused on improving health and wellbeing, education and training, food security and sovereignty across the tropical belt, especially for developing countries,” said Lachlan.

Making a difference: the opportunity

Lachlan is offering NGOs, business, social enterprise and community-based organisations the opportunity to partner with the project by sponsoring a chapter of the Tropical Permaculture Guidebook.

“This would be the way for organisations to use their funds to make something good happen”, said Lachlan. “It uses money as an enabling tool to produce something that has positive follow-on effects especially in tropical developing countries”.

“A total of six chapters have been finished and can be downloaded from our website. The rest will follow soon, along with multiple language translations. This can all happen when we can raise modest funds from business, NGOs and organisations”.

The sponsors’ benefit: Reputation


  • will gain significant exposure, with citation rights on the chapter they sponsor
    and listing on the website and other marketing materials
  • can choose the chapter(s) or a shared sponsorship in a single chapter that they would like to sponsor at differing funding levels, with varying rewards depending on the level chosen
  • gain further prestige, credibility and benefit by promoting their sponsorship through their own networks, reports and marketing; this will boost reputation, an important thing now that online and offline reputation count for so much.

Contact Lachlan for more information. A full project proposal can be provided as can information about Permatil’s work since 2001. A budget breakdown for work completed, timelines and a work summary are available.

Want to sponsor something good? Talk to Lachlan and the guidebook team direct:

Photo: Emily Gray and Lachlan McKenzie with the first edition of the Tropical Permaculture Guidebook. Photo-Russ Grayson.

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