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PacificEdge | December 15, 2018

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By the sea… an evening at Coogee

By the sea… an evening at Coogee

I GUESS there’s something about the sea that draws us, something primordial, something alluring. Even those distant from the sea, like those of us fortunate enough to live within walking distance of it, are drawn to its undulations and ceaseless movement.

That’s why, in late autumn, we were drawn to Coogee Beach to stand silently and watch as the ocean’s surge built into cascading waves, and as the light started to drain from the sky like the white water withdrawing from the beach.

Come evening, people cease from toil. It is time to unwind, to wander, to slow down. There is no better place to do that than on some high point overlooking the sea. It is here, where the tamed nature of the city meets the untamed nature of the sea, that we find peace as day fades to evening.


  1. Steve Hart

    Great poetry…great subject ” what allures us to the sea to water” one dictionary suggests of primordial
    ” Biology (of a cell, part, or tissue) in the earliest stage of development.” perhaps this is the intrinsic call..back to our roots to feel the harmony, the rhythm, beat, pulse akin to the water and fluids that are pulsing within our own bodies. After all as a species did we not evolve from the oceans ?

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