Russ Grayson

A taste of China...

Sydney's Chinese gardens

There's a little costume hire place where children and parents can dress up in traditional Chinese clothes, all the better for family photographs and a memorable visit.
Photos: Russ Grayson 2014.
ON THE EDGE of Sydney's central business district at Darling Harbour, you find a taste of traditional China.

The Chinese gardens... a respite from the city's busy-ness... a place of tranquility... or running water... deciduous trees... colourful fish... a place visited by both local people and tourists.
The landscape beyond is revealed through a circular gateway. It is a feature of the garden that new vistas are opened as you walk around. It is this that makes the place intriguing. No bland modernist landscaping here.
Thoughtful design and construction enhance the experience of nature in the Chinese garden
Water is a theme running through the Chinese gardens... still water in the lake... water in ponds... moving water... water cascading over small falls.
Sydney's Chinese gardens — worth a visit when you're next in town
The Chinese gardens are a blend of nature and human construction combined into a visually harmonious arrangement in which one merges into the other without any abruptness or discord.
Water... rock... vegetation...
nature in the city
Feeding the fish is something children like doing.
Constructed nature... at home among the buildings of the city centre