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PacificEdge | May 25, 2017

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About PacificEdge

PacificEdge — the bio

I’m an online and photojournalist living not far from the Pacific’s swells in eastern Sydney.

My earlier background is in the adventure equipment industry which provided my livelihood for quite some years, first in Tasmania and then in Sydney. That led to becoming a member of a search and rescue unit and the remote areas fire-fighting unit, Smokewalkers.

Later, I started working in journalism, initially in print, radio and photojournalism, both freelance and for media organisations including a business periodical for the then-emerging environmental industries.

1985 was the year I did my Permaculture Design Certificate, following up later with a Diploma in Permaculture Design in media. Later, my partner and I organised an urban Permaculture Design Course that we ran for a decade and, later again, I joined the board of directors of Permaculture Australia.

Following a stint as Landcare educator at Calmsley Hill City Farm in south-western Sydney, followed by a role as community liaison for Greening Australia NSW and editor of its newsletter,  I worked as program manager and development educator with an agency doing food security, farming systems training and organisational capacity building in the Solomon Islands. This was accompanied by the role of project manager for a small business and metals recycling startup in Lae, Papua New Guinea.

A further excursion into food systems came when I was asked to join a small team to start the Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network. At the same time my partner and I were teaching a community college course in organic growing. The course continues, now more than 25 years on, with my partner, Fiona, running it through a local government at the Randwick Sustainability Hub, which she developed.

With an interest in food systems stemming back to our time as educators in the Permaculture Design Certificate, I became director of a  food co-operative and was one of the four people who started the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance in 1910, an advocacy and educational  organisation.

Currently, I am a guest writer for Open Forum and assist community-based organisations with communications.

The PacificEdge blog reports on themes I am or have been active in and on others that interest me.