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PacificEdge | May 24, 2022

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Small town off the highway

December 28, 2008 |

Story & photos: Russ Grayson

THERE’S A MAN SITTING ON THE WHARF, a man perhaps in his seventies, hair grey, shirtless, tanned. Every so often he sips from a longneck… he’s a man who likes a quiet drink by himself on a warm, summer evening.

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Hidden path to a cove’s history

August 27, 2007 | | 28 Comments

Story and photographs: Russ Grayson 1987, 2002, updated 2009.

The photographs and story are offered as a memorial to Simon Flynn. Thanks Simon.


APPROACH from the Manly side and you encounter a steep, uphill climb. Alternatively, you can descend the path from the road above. Either way, you are likely to miss the turnoff because it is not signposted and the track looks more like a wombat trail than a walking trail. That may be deliberate.

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The Byron Bay blues

August 3, 2006 | | 2 Comments

First published: Online Opinion 2006. Republished Courier Mail (Brisbane).

I REMEMBER SOMETHING a man told me. Move up here, he said, and you will soon find a job.

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Byron backroads

August 27, 2004 | | One Comment

GUSTING, a strong southerly bends the trees on the edge of the property. It is cold up here.

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Misadventure on the way to the Walls

July 20, 2004 |

Tasmania, some time in the 1970s.

CLAAAANG! Someone slams the car door and the party sets off into the early evening gloom of the rainforest. A short slope leads  from the forestry road to the Fish River.

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Mountains, memory and the nature of experience

July 20, 2004 |

PERHAPS I DIDN’T KNOW how to enjoy hardship. Perhaps I wasn’t cut out for this sort of thing. Perhaps the authors of those adventure books I had read were misrepresenting the experience.

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Comfortable mudbrick on the Southern Highlands

July 13, 2003 |

First published 2003 by Russ Grayson.

IT IS WINTER on the Southern Highlands of NSW, a time when the warmth of the sun is weak and the cold south-westerly blows in from the snowfields. Yet, no matter how cold it is outside, to step into the yellow-orange mudbrick glow of this house is to enter an abode of warmth.

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All that remains… ghosts of former times at Bonnie Vale

August 27, 2002 | | 3 Comments

Story & photographs: Russ Grayson 2002

A fibro shack typical in construction of those at Bonnie Vale.

A fibro shack typical in construction of those at Bonnie Vale.

AT FIRST, I thought the two women were just day trippers, people out to enjoy the early Spring sunshine. They stood close together, looking at the fibro shack with its galvanised iron roof that was still in good condition after all these years, and talked quietly in the stop-and-start fashion of people comfortable with each other.

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Just a minor incident

July 20, 2002 |

Tasmania, the late 1970s.

UP AND UP. Through a dark, wet forest of towering trees. Along a rough track that never saw the work of a maintenance gang. Squishing through muddy patches, slowing as we climb the steeper sections. All familiar stuff to mountain walkers.

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