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PacificEdge | May 24, 2022

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Explore examples of Russ Grayson’s work. You will find examples of his writing as well as editing projects he has carried out for different clients.

PacificEdge paper

eBooks for you to download and use under Creative Commons arrangements

Some of these publications are issued under a Creative Commons licence, permitting printing and distribution for purposes such as education and advocacy, providing that reuse is under the same CreativeCommons license and carries the same statement as the original document has stating this.

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Publications—policy & related documents on food systems

Community gardening local government documents

Community gardeners adopt policies and guidelines to make gardening an enjoyable experience and to manage their garden sites effectively. It is best to have only as many policies as is necessary. They should be stated simply in community garden documents and made clear to new gardeners.

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…Russ Grayson works with TerraCircle international development agency

Terracircle international development consultantcy is a Melanesia specialist working in the areas of food security, farming systems, livelihood development, project management and production of training manuals and other development reports in the South Pacific.

TerraCircle also carries out some projects in Australia.

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