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PacificEdge | May 24, 2022

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conferences and gathering

Conferences and gatherings

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Towards Permaculture 3.0

Towards Permaculture 3.0

Towards-Permaculture-3-coverA new iteration of the Permaculture design system

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In the Antropocene, what role for permaculture?

In the Anthropocene, what role for permaculture?

Pc-anthropocene-cover-150pxWe’re speeding along the Great Acceleration, heading into the Anthropocene — the Age of Humanity.

What role will permaculture play in this emerging world in which humanity is the major influence on earth systems? Can it find an influential niche from which to project its ideas? Are those ideas still relevant to the type of world that is emerging?

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Permaculture—a manifesto

Permaculture—a manifesto for a culture of permanence

manifesto-coverHumanity has transformed the earth. The challenge is to learn to do this properly.

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Remaking Our Organisations

Remaking Our Organisations

Permaculture-structure-web-coverA collection of ideas for alternative structures in the permaculture design system.

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Farmers of the Urban Footpath

Farmers of the Urban Footpath

footpath-garden-2012In our cities, footpaths are becoming gardens as people colonise them with vegetables, herbs and fruit trees.

This ebook takes a look at the benefits of footpath gardening, the challenges it faces and some of the design considerations that are best thought about before you start farming your urban footpath.

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Resilience by Design

Resilience by Design

Personal report on Australasian Permaculture Convergence 11 (APC11) in New Zealand, 2012

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on the road with APC10

On the Road with APC10

Personal report on Australiasian Permaculture Convergence 10 (APC10) in Cairns, 2010

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a botanical ark

A Botanical Ark

Australiasian Permaculture Convergence 10 (APC10) in Cairns, 2010, visiting an enthnobotanical collection in Far North Queensland.

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golocal — a report

GoLocal — a report

cover-go_localA report on the 2007 GoLocal conference in Brisbane, Australia’s first conference on localisation.

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Submission to retain La Perouse market gardens, Sydney

cover-sub_market_gardenA submission written for the Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network for the retention of the market garden at La Perouse an a part of Sydney’s local food supply.

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submission to brisbane city plan

Submission to review of Brisbane city plan

cover-sub_brisA submission written for the Sydney Food Fairness Alliance for the revision of Brisbane’s city plan. The submission addresses Brisbane City Council’s ideas for the city’s food system.

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Get Your Message Out

message_may06A manual about organisational communications for community based agencies, advocates and small business.

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communicating development

Communicating Development

comm_dev_06Communicating Development was prepared for distribution to Sydney-based international development agencies through the Sydney Network of Small NGOs immediately after the Communicating Development seminar in 1997. The seminar was presented by the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) and the Australian Council for Overseas Aid (ACFOA – now the Australian Council for International Development – ACFID). The author, Russ Grayson, was Projects and Development Education Officer with APACE (Approporiate Technology for Community and Environment).]

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communicating the environmental message

Communicating the Environmental Message

comm_env_06The report presents the ideas of speakers at the Environmental Educator’s Forum that was held at the University of Western Sydney in July 1997.

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permaculture in schools

Permaculture in schools

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Permaculture Goes to School


Report on the three-day seminar on the application of ideas from the permaculture design system to working with schools. The seminar was held immediately prior to the 1996 Permaculture Convergence and was led by New Zealander, Robina McCurdy, at Black Forest primary, Adelaide, South Australia.

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bibliography and resources for schools

Bibliography and Resources

ipc6_biblio_mar97A guide to resources in print compiled by participants to the Permaculture Goes to School seminar. Forms a set with the above publication.

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Download PDF file (564KB)