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Tag: City of Sydney

Local government version 2.0: from managerialism to platform

What could happen if councils made the change from managerialism to platform? From doing things for people to doing things

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My work in local government—a few thoughts

A reflection on my recent role working in local government and a validation for my approach to the work...

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A next-to-last project: a new community garden for Woolloomooloo

It was a different process getting the Bourke Street Park Community Garden through the social design and into the design

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A good experience that could be made better

A reflection on working in local government and on its hiring practices...

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Footpath planter gardens turn dull Waterloo space into colourful and productive place

Led by ABC Gardening Australia host, Costa Georgiadis, it was a participatory event to install the footpath planter garden at

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Entrepreneurship the means to get good things done, says Ernesto Sirolli

Social entrepreneurs, small business entrepreneurs... these are ways to get things done, and even council workers can use their power

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