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PacificEdge | November 18, 2017

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Mayor and Costa celebrate successful council courses

April 2, 2011 |

If enthusiasm to do something positive in the world is anything to go by, then the last Living Smart cohort to graduate from the ten-topic, 24-hour Saturday afternoon course marks it as a success.

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Open for business – Food Connect Sydney starts-up

November 27, 2009 | 3

FOOD CONNECT SYDNEY is up and running, providing a new community supported agriculture (CSA) service to the metropolis.

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One year later… and a community garden blooms

November 24, 2009 | 2

Story and photos: Russ Grayson

IT HAS BEEN JUST OVER A YEAR in the making, from community consultation to construction, but Carrs Park Community Garden is now reality.

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Local a selling point at Evandale

November 24, 2009 |

Story and photos: Russ Grayson

TO JUDGE BY THE SIGNS on farmer’s market stalls, food grown locally seems to be something of a specialty at Evandale market. A recent visit disclosed sign after sign on a number of stalls advertising the localism of fresh vegetables, herbs and fruit.

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Food Summit hands declaration on food futures to NSW Parliament

November 20, 2009 | 9


AROUND A DOZEN PEOPLE are walking the long, straight footway through Hyde Park where the lines of overaching native figs form a vegetative tunnel. They pass Francois Sicard’s Archibald Fountain, opened in 1932 with its classical, sculptured figures and animals that spray water skywards. Exiting the park, they enter Macquarie Street and make their way to an old sandstone building with a long verandah. Here, they are to hand over the state’s first Declaration on Food.

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Celebrating Chippendale’s local food culture

October 27, 2009 |


ONE DAY IT WAS A DINGY LANE taking the curious from Broadway to Chippendale. Next day it was a food fair, offering the curious a glimpse of the emerging local food culture that is starting to bloom in Sydney.

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The long road in the far north – on the local food speakers trail in northern NSW

July 24, 2007 |

Story & photos: Russ Grayson.

MARCH DAYS ARE MILD DAYS in the sleepy northern NSW town of Lismore. And this year they were no different. What was different was that the subtropical city of 28,000 played host to a rather unusual conference, a conference about food… local food.

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The end approaches for the 3000 mile ceasar salad

July 13, 2007 |

Written by Russ Grayson. First published in Online Opinion in 2007.

GO LOCAL. That’s the suggestion of NSW North Coast community educator, Tim Winton, for coping with what he sees as the approaching peak oil crisis.

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