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Tag: localisation

Mayor and Costa celebrate successful council courses

If enthusiasm to do something positive in the world is anything to go by, then the last Living Smart cohort

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One year later… and a community garden blooms

IT'S GOOD TO SEE A PROJECT you have worked on come to fruition. That was the feeling as Kogarah City

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Food Summit hands declaration on food futures to NSW Parliament

AROUND A DOZEN PEOPLE are walking the long, straight footway through Hyde Park where the lines of overaching native figs

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Celebrating Chippendale’s local food culture

ONE DAY IT WAS A DINGY LANE taking the curious from Broadway to Chippendale. Next day it was a food

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The long road in the far north – on the local food speakers trail in northern NSW

MARCH DAYS ARE MILD DAYS in the sleepy northern NSW town of Lismore. And this year they were no different...

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Time for a new localism, says Norberg-Hodge

"See education as activism”, says Helena Norberg-Hodge. "Set up social and learning circles. Have groups of 10 to 15 people

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