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Tag: Permaculture 3.0

Participatory approach introduces new methods to growers

PTD — Participatory Technology Development — is an approach that encourages farmers to try out new  techniques, to monitor results

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Byron backroads

It's magic country, those rolling hills of the Byron Bay hinterland, and dotted here an there among their folds are

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Community supported agriculture has potential study finds

Community supported agriculture has a future in Australia but farmers must have skills other than farming, a report finds...

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Four ways of reading the land

The ability to discern pattern and characteristics in the landscape through the use of a variety of tools enables better

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The man who brought ethics to investment

First published in Green Connections in 1998. AFTER MORE THAN 20 years in the world of money, Damien Lynch wants

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A new ecological restoration to feed people

This 1997 article describes a model of edible ecological restoration for the far north coastal region of NSW, as proposed

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