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Tag: technology

Let’s support, not nitpick companies trying to make a difference

NEW companies like Biolite are devloping new approaches to international development through direct business-to-community links. Critical harping can only damage

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Kim Stanley Robinson: Our post-capitalist future

Economic systems, like everything else, evolve. So, what lies beyond capitalism? For speculative science fiction writer, Kim Stanley Robinson, traces

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The citizen photojournalist: here’s the manual

WHO BETTER than a multimedia photojournalist and blogger whose work has also been picked up by old media's newspapers and

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In  2025, what will your kids be doing for a living?

This is a story inspired by the article: The iEverything and the Redistribution Imperative: The link to the article

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The coming end of middle class work

HAVING SUBSTANTIALLY SHRUNK the working class (and, therefore, the membership and influence of trade unions), industrial technology and software are

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