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In the Anthropocene… What role for permaculture?

In the Anthropocene… What role for permaculture?

I STARTED WRITING this paper as a background handout for a group direction-finding session planned for APC12 (the twelfth Australasian Permaculture Convergence). The session was to explore roles for permaculture in a world in change and in one that seems set for even greater change in the near future.

Circumstances led to our cancelling our attending APC12, however I thought I would distribute my paper for those interested in my take on what direction it is that permaculture design might take in coming years.

So, here’s the link…

Download pdf Permaculture Paper



Comments (2)

  • Andy Goldring
    March 8, 2015 at 3:43 pm

    Hi Russ, thanks for another great contribution to thinking about how permaculture can move forwards. We have a project called the ‘Next Big Step’ which really resonates with the ideas and concerns expressed in your publication. We will be doing some global surveys and hosting an online discussion in the run up to the 12th International Permaculture Convergence, and I hope you can get involved. The idea is to help permaculture consider how it can strengthen the relationships between hubs and nodes, and, using a consent approach, seek opportunities to scale up and out. Much more to say, and lots of questions, so perhaps we can skype one day? Best wishes, Andy Goldring. PS we are working hard to get to the point where we can put that Dragonfly Effect into action – without falling into the trap of gandiose strategic plans… its hard, but very exciting!

  • Russ Grayson
    March 12, 2015 at 8:53 am

    Hi Andy…
    Thanks for your comment.

    Ian Lillington keeps telling up how organised your mob over there are and it looks like he’s right.

    April Sampson-Kelly, a local permaculture educator, has mentioned the Next Big Step and it sounds good. I would love to be involved in your online discussion and global surveys and offer to help in whatever way I can. Happy to Skype or email about it as you suggest.

    I have been thinking about permaculture’s next move — your Next Big Step maybe — and have come up with some preliminary ideas. I first started to formulate those for the APC10 gathering at Cairns in Far North Queensland and recently revisited them. They are found here:

    Good to talk with you.

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