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PacificEdge | September 28, 2020

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Byron Bay: Discovered and rediscovered

July 31, 2011 |

TRAVEL IS SLOWER on this winding byway through patches of dark forest and out into open farmland.

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Life at Serendipity

December 2, 2010 |

It’s a morning ritual. Pick up the surfboard not long after sunrise has paled the eastern sky and descend through the rainforest to the small beach below. It’s a good day if the Pacific’s swells are pumping and it’s a good day when the swell is only small. For many who live in this fortunate part of the country, every day is a good day, or should be.

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Troubled paradise: Byron Bay faces change

July 31, 2010 |

THE MAN ON THE END STALL is selling longans—fruits whose hard, brittle skin you break with your teeth before chewing the juicy white pulp off the large black seed. At $8 a kilo, you are presented with a piece of branch with the tan, centimeter-wide fruits dangling from it. Clearly, these fruits are freshly picked.

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A local currency that was

May 25, 2010 | | 2 Comments

Photos show the currency issued by the combined northern NSW LETSystems in the 1990s.

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Less a town than a landscape

September 22, 2009 |

WATCH OUT for the sea eagle, he said… it perches on the old dead tree that sticks out from the cliff…

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The long road in the far north – on the local food speakers trail in northern NSW

July 24, 2007 |

Story & photos: Russ Grayson.

MARCH DAYS ARE MILD DAYS in the sleepy northern NSW town of Lismore. And this year they were no different. What was different was that the subtropical city of 28,000 played host to a rather unusual conference, a conference about food… local food.

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On Kerouac, Hemingway and a literary friend

July 13, 2007 | | One Comment

First published in 2008.

IF YOU HAVE TIME TO HANG AROUND, I’ll tell you a little story about literature and coincidence. It’s not a significant story nor an exciting one, rather a recounting on one of those minor occurrences that sometimes appear in our lives.

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Byron backroads

August 27, 2004 | | One Comment

GUSTING, a strong southerly bends the trees on the edge of the property. It is cold up here.

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