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Tag: mountains

Across the Fish, a journey into memory

IN SPATE late that day The Fish River At the base of the escarpment Up which we ascended through forest

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To the summit, one last time

It was a grand weekend adventure to climb Mt Anne but, unknown to the climbers, it was to be their

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Solitary, long ago

Story & photos: Russ Grayson IT’S PERVERSE, REALLY. To walk  these mountains you start by descending rather than climbing.

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Less a town than a landscape

It's not the town, its the landscape it is set in that gives the Byron region its spectacular character. This

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Misadventure on the way to the Walls

Tasmania, some time in the 1970s. CLAAAANG! Someone slams the car door and the party sets off into the early

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Just a minor incident

Tasmania, the late 1970s. UP AND UP. Through a dark, wet forest of towering trees. Along a rough track that

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