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Tag: sydney

A new kind of public park

How do you combine an area of boring, low quality lawn, a gas barbecue and a few tables and bench

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Meeting helps Leichhardt develop community garden policy

A hot, sultry and sticky night didn't deter 45 people coming together to help Leichhardt Council develop their policy on

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At home with the working class – temporarily

A story of a temporary but longer than anticipated immersion in working class culture...

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Same but different

In the bright light of an early afternoon in the summer of 1970 I stood atop that long flight of

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Food fairness lobby calls for policy measures to safeguard the future of NSW food

The Sydney food Fairness Alliance calls for policy measures on food security...

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An edible garden for Eastern Suburbs apartment dwellers

The days when most people had a house and garden are gone. If cities are to feed themselves, then attention

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