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The Catalan Integral Cooperative

The Catalan Integral Cooperative

IN THIS EBOOK by Sydney limits-to-growth thinker, Dr Ted Trainer, he reports on the Catalan Integral Co-operative in Spain.

” …the Catalan Integral Cooperative provides us with an inspiring demonstration of what can be done and what we need”, he writes. “The  CIC  is  not a central agency running everything. It is an umbrella organisation facilitating, supporting and advising on the activities of many and varied cooperatives. It is not like typical cooperatives wherein members focus on a single mutual interest and work only for the benefit of members.

“Non-monetary forms of exchange are encouraged, including free goods and services, barter, direct connections between producers and consumers and mutual giving. The CIC regulates the estimation of fair prices and informs producers of consumer needs.

“There is a LETS-type currency, the ECO, which cannot be converted into Euros and cannot be invested or yield interest. About 2600 people have accounts.”

Sound interesting?

DOWNLOAD The Catalan Integral Cooperative


About Ted…

Ted Trainer is a retired UNSW lecturer who taught the limits-to-growth philosophy of planetary management. Author of a number of books, Ted’s website, The Simpler Way, offers more examples of his thinking. He lives on a bushland property at Pigface Point on the banks of the Cooks River in south west Sydney.

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