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Tag: david holmgren

The household solution — too small to push change?

I RECEIVED an email from Permaculture Australia recently promoting online videos of Nicole Foss and David Holmgren. So I took

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THE PERMACULTURE PAPERS — 1: Introductory notes

The Permaculture Papers — 1: An introduction... a personal history of the Permaculture design system...

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Future scenarios — both scary and hopeful

With Future Scenarios, David Holmgren refocuses the permaculture design system on the big global issues but suggests a community-based response

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Food for thought in Sydney — two days with David Holmgren

The winds of late October failed to blow away those attending a series of events with permaculture co-originator, David Holmgren.

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A short and incomplete history of permaculture

An article on permaculture's history - from 1972 onwards - supplied to the New Internationalist magazine by Steve Payne and

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Four ways of reading the land

The ability to discern pattern and characteristics in the landscape through the use of a variety of tools enables better

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