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Tag: Mt Wellington

Memories tumble like sweets from a jar

THINGS ARE NEVER quite the same when you return. They are similar, but not quite as you remember. There’s always

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The Organ Pipes Track — sunshine and ice

A Tasmanian journey… “WHAT’S THIS?”. Fiona holds out her hand as if to catch whatever it is that has started

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Found: the book that influenced a generation

A surprise discovery in a mountain hut closes the circle of time...

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High on a mountain, a little stone hut

High on a Tasmanian mountain there's a hidden hut, so late one day we went to look for it....

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All that remains… ruins on a Tasmanian mountainside

ALL THAT REMAINS is a bit of stone work where the house once was. And a few pieces of iron

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Three huts on a trail

Walk to places you haven't been for decades and you walk into memory. This was my experience on the Lenah

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