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Tag: shacks

A pictorial tribute to our mountain hut heritage

A calendar triggers memories of mountain huts, summer and winter…

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Found: the book that influenced a generation

A surprise discovery in a mountain hut closes the circle of time...

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High on a mountain, a little stone hut

High on a Tasmanian mountain there's a hidden hut, so late one day we went to look for it....

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Shacks—part of our culture, old and new

WHILE I WAS AT the Randwick Community Centre the other day I took the trouble to look closely at the

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Hidden path to a cove’s history

The old shacks at Crater Cove are a reminder of the days when life was somehow simpler and our needs

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All that remains… ghosts of former times at Bonnie Vale

On the southern edge of Sydney, on the banks of the Hacking River, is the remnant of a once-popular holiday

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