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PacificEdge | November 18, 2017

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Will a new educational centre diversify or increase competition in sustainability education?

October 2, 2015 | 2

The arrival of a questionnaire about how much the proposed Sydney City Farm should charge for its workshops raises the question of competition in community education and of local government’s role in offering it…Read More

A new classroom for Randwick

June 7, 2015 |

IT MUST BE A GOOD JOB to have, building new assets for council that create new opportunities for the local  community.

That’s Fiona Campbell’s lot in Randwick where, on the edge of the grassy patch known as the village green, … Read More

Farewell SAVE… but what is permaculture’s future in sustainability education?

June 27, 2012 |

YESTERDAY WAS THE FINALE event signifying the ending of the SAVE (Sustainable Action Values Everyone) program.

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Entrepreneurship the means to get good things done, says Ernesto Sirolli

November 28, 2011 | 1

I’M FILLED WITH INSPIRATION as I write these words after spending two hours with about 60 others at Town Hall House in the presence of Ernesto Sirolli.

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It was Costa with lettuce and corn at Waterloo

November 5, 2011 |

Costa the telegardener does a lot to popularise growing food in our cities. He was at it again when he led an afternoon workshop at Waterloo Library…Read More

Public narrative the approach at food system talk

October 10, 2011 |

I made use of the Public Narrative approach in a recent structured conversation about food exchanges at the Transition Bondi Wednesday evening soiree…Read More

Participatory Learning and Action — and how to use it

September 1, 2011 |

DRAWING DIAGRAMS IN THE SAND might not appear to have much to do with working with people on a design project or in international development, but it is a way that communities and participants can take a central role in projects.

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